Monday, May 19, 2014

Township of Baysharts-Narde To Get Own Webpage Soon!!!!

Welcome residents of Baysharts-Narde! (And welcome to all our visitors as well!)

I am very happy to announce that the Township of Baysharts-Narde will soon be getting its very own presence right here on the web! That's right! After months of discussion, the city council gave its unanimous approval (with one abstention) for Baysharts-Narde to have its very own, official webpage.

We're still "under construction", but soon this will be your "one stop shop" for all things Baysharts-Narde! I know I speak for the rest of the city council (except for Len Fester) when I say, the future is bright for the Township Of Baysharts-Narde and this new website is the light providing that brightness! Onward! Into the future!

Keep checking back and watch your website GROW!

Dale Tendril
Township of Baysharts-Narde

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